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Nancy & Doug

Outdoor Estate Wedding in Lancaster/Columbus Ohio

To describe the location of Nancy and Doug's wedding as "on Nancy's parents' estate" would probably not be an understatement, although they might argue it's a bit ostentatious. Nancy's parents live near Lancaster Ohio on a gorgeous old property – a really old property – that includes a stately brick home with a carriage house and a pool, an old garage, and lots of varying types of land including a couple of rolling hills and some large old trees and a couple of wide open spaces perfect for, say, a wedding ceremony with lots of guests and also a tent for dinner.

When I arrived, there was the hustle-bustle of preparing everything for the day – I saw some guys hauling in a snowcone machine, the caterer getting set up, the wedding planners putting finishing touches on table décor, etc. The Edison lights had already been strung from the carriage house to the garage and the pool was sparkling and ready for swimming. Inside, Nancy and her family and friends were gathered around Nancy's mom's wedding album, reminiscing and talking about the day ahead, while Doug was way out back with some friends who'd planned to camp on the property and were working on putting together a large bonfire.

Nancy got ready in the upstairs of the carriage house, which was just as lovely as you can imagine, with antiques and old wood and a dressing table with pictures of loved ones. It was the perfect place to prepare to be married.

Nancy and Doug did not see each other before Nancy made her way down the grassy aisle with her father, to be married to her best friend by one of their best friends. I always love it when a friend of the couple becomes ordained in order to marry their friends. So meaningful! Nancy and Doug wrote their own vows and there was not a dry eye in the place. It was an extremely moving ceremony and gorgeous in the field beside the house, under one of the largest trees on the property.

Cocktails beside the pool, hamburgers and speeches under the tent, and then swimming for the kiddos. The pool was a huge hit, and the June weather was the perfect temperature for taking a dip. Swimming is an important part of Doug's life so he joined in as well. One of my favorite pictures from the evening is of him lounging on a blue floatie in the blue of the water with the blue light of dusk – it's all so tranquil, especially with his eyes closed. This image is in the gallery.

And what outdoor soire is complete without s'mores? None! So, in addition to snowcones, there were s'mores, which the kids loved making. And dancing. Lots of dancing under a canopy by the pool, with the first dance and the parent dances being very meaningful. I like to capture lots of pictures of parents and aging relatives, and some of my favorites were made at Nancy and Doug's wedding, including one of his parents dancing together, laughing. You can never have too many of those types of pictures.