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Wexner Medical Center

Being asked to photograph a different and unique perspective on a very photographed event, even when the organizers have their own staff of photographers working the event, is, to me, not only a high honor but one of my very favorite things to do.

Trust in a photographer is very important, so when asked by The Ohio State University to photograph what was up until then a hush-hush event and to provide my unique spin on it - a different take than all the other photographers - is always the type of relationship I like to have with my clients.

The renaming of the OSU Medical Center to the Wexner Medical Center was a very big deal. It brought in media from as far as New York City and a sea of local reporters and photographers. I was chosen to provide the "color commentary" to their play-by-play. My focus was on everything that happened, including all of them, and the personal relationships I saw play out as Les Wexner was honored by President Gee and others at the official announcement. His family was especially moved and those are the very best photographs, in my opinion.