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OSU Presidential Investiture

Few things get me as excited as The Ohio State Buckeyes, so whenever I'm commissioned to make photographs on behalf of The Ohio State University, I'm all over it. Over the years, I've photographed a variety of things for the University, from College of Nursing reunion activities, to donor magazine cover shoots, to nursing diversity shoots, etc.

However, this most recent assignment ranks at the top, that of shadowing the University's 15th and newest president, Dr. Michael V. Drake on the day of his official investiture as president of the University.

While the University had a staff of photographers stationed at various locations to photograph their respective activities associated with Dr. Drake's day, I was given the luxury of simply following him around and photographing the more personal side of his day. A couple of my favorite images are one of he and Mayor Michael Coleman trying to cheer up Dr. Drake's adorable granddaughter, who appeared to be in no mood for all the hoopla, and the shot of Dr. Drake being helped into his ceremonial robes just prior to officially accepting the presidency.