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Pictures About Me For Clients Blog Contact

Some things just belong under "miscellaneous", and this gallery showcases a wide variety of "miscellaneous", that's for sure.

In here you'll find a political rally I photographed after following the national Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards, as she knocked on doors in the OSU campus area prior to the 2010 election, with the rally culminating in a who's who of Democratic politicos, none more powerful than former President Bill Clinton. It is quite something to meet a president, and, I'm not ashamed to admit, my favorite president, and I actually did get to meet him right before his departure. Cecile introduced me and I was totally starstruck! But I shook his hand while one of his Secret Service guys photographed us together, so at least I have actual proof that it happened even if I can't remember a thing that was said!

And then comes Urban Meyer, another favorite. Anyone who takes the Buckeyes to the very first undisputed national championship has my vote. Urban was guest speaker at a ForeHope golf charity event held at Muirfield on Pro Am day, and he did not disappoint. Witty, self-effacing, and packed full of some great stories, it was a true pleasure to photograph him and that worthwhile event.

And more Buckeye photos, when I was asked to photograph a tour of the then-under-construction James Cancer Center with the Block family, huge donors to one of the wings in the hospital. It was really fascinating to listen to the tour and see the inside of a real, operating construction site.

And the theatre, and two kinds - movie and musical. First is the grand opening party for AMC Easton's dine-in threatres, where you could relax to a movie in a comfy recliner while being served adult beverages and a hot meal. What a great concept. And Columbus Dance Threatre, standing in the wings photographing the dancers and the director, it was simply lovely. And Les Miserables. I had never seen this before, the movie or the muscial, and had never read the book, but over the course of two weeks I photographed a rehearsal, a dress rehearsal (pictured in this gallery) and then was an audience member for the full production. So, zero to three times in two weeks. What a lovely show it was too.

Variety is the spice of life, and this is quite a variety.