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I have been photographing Condom Couture every year since 2010. Condom Couture is an annual fundraiser that helps to fund health and educational programs for Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio. In a political atmosphere that does its best at every turn to deprive women of these valuable programs, a fundraiser of this magnitude is very much needed.

When Condom Couture first started, it was held at a local hotel, then moved to The Bluestone and, now, for the past few years has enjoyed its home at the Shadowbox Theatre. With a live band and exciting emcees, the show is an absolute blast to be part of.

Fashion design students from the Columbus College of Art and Design are each given a model (a volunteer from the community) and 750-1000 condoms of all colors, and are charged with crafting a runway-worthy garment. And, boy, do they! The designs are spectacular, ranging from avant garde and haute couture to variations on the little black dress, most of which you would never guess were made from condoms.

The event draws a massive crowd, including nationally recognized fashion industry experts, local dignitaries, and politicans such as Mary Jo Kilroy and former Governor Ted Strickland.

I am absolutely honored and thrilled to donate my time and talents to this fabulous and worthwhile cause. Healthcare for women is vital and we're fortunate to have the funds raised through Condom Couture.

If you'd like to join in on the fun, please visit them here.